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Announcer: “There’s a saying in baseball, about 40 or 50 years ago, when a pitcher like Chapman comes out someone in the dugout will yell: Hey all you fastball hitters! Here’s your guy!”

That is not a saying. Officially hitting the mute button.

Cabrera Commercial: He once hit a baseball so hard, it needed stitches.


Now all they’re talking about is the color of Scherzer’s shoes. Every player is given shoes in the color of their team. 

Stop acting like he made this ‘quirky’ clothing decision. At least 5 other players are wearing the same damn shoes.

Fox Commentators: These lineups are stacked with great hitting. Well, I mean it is an All-Star Game.

I just….Why is this on Fox? Why?

Is it a ball? Is it a bird? At AT&T Park, who knows.

In other news, I really love extra-innings baseball.


Crawford’s awesome grab

8/28/12: Brandon Crawford makes the great diving catch after Pablo Sandoval bobbles the ball twice, ending the first inning

Football is more popular, basketball is more marketable, hockey is more exciting, soccer means more throughout the world. But baseball has a way of making you think about everything that ever happened to you, every conversation you ever had, every place you ever lived, everything.
Bill Simmons (via freddysanchez)

Photos from the San Francisco Giants home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates at AT&T Park on April 13, 2012.