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When your eyes are redAnd emptiness is all you know


When your eyes are red
And emptiness is all you know

AISHA TYLER: Your character on the show is very tough, very smart, but you said you didn’t want to be - because it always happens when women play cops - they kinda want to man you up, and you said you didn’t want to be one of the guys on the show.
STANA KATIC: Yeah, I mean I think that’s kind of like an old way of storytelling where a girl in order to be working in a guy’s world had to be one of the guys. She had to dress like a guy…she had to kind of neutralize herself and I think we’re in a stage where woman can be sexual, where they can be feminine, and yet they can have their strength with them. They can still hold authority. And, so, for me it was really important that she can be visually feminine, and she can be a woman and enjoy her femininity, and still be respected as an authority in the precinct. That was something that we worked with wardrobe on, with makeup on, with hair on and the producers were really collaborative on that. We have a great lead producer Andrew Marlowe who loves women, and so I think he loved letting her shine as a woman in the end. (x)

She sounds like a handful.

I need to be okay, I don’t have PTSD.

i think it’s always been there, deep inside since that night.. i’ve let it define me, drive me.. it’s made who i am but now i want to be more than who i am..